Million Cabinets Won't Shut The Door Cabinets Consumer Worries

Xiao Chen of the public, in the famous "kitchen appliances" spent tens of thousands of Yuan to buy the whole Cabinet, not only the repeated delays in installation, Cabinet also has a quality problem. Business though promised on-site installation again but so far didn't come.

Famous "kitchen appliances" complaints, business involved in mediation but the lack of progress.

Paid more than 20,000 yuan to buy a wardrobe, cupboard, the thought that can be installed within a month, but three months later, wardrobes and cabinets are still unfinished. Yesterday, Mr Hu reflects his Taiwan Street famous "kitchen appliances" acquisition of wardrobes, cupboards, store multiple word, his patience.

Coincidentally, the people Chen in Taiwan Street famous "kitchen appliances" buying cabinets are also in trouble. After fruitless in many reflected to the business, her anger and find a media complaint.