Kitchen Appliance Tips To Make Healthy And Delicious Food With Radiation-proof

Many people like to place the refrigerator in the living room, in fact, this is a very unscientific and different wavelength and frequency of electromagnetic waves released will form an electronic fog affects the human nervous system and physiological functions.

Electromagnetic wave penetrating power strong, you can through the deeper tissues of the body surface, people don't pay attention, if there is a layer of pain, that the deeper tissues has been seriously undermined. According to experts, the refrigerator is running, or at the back below the maximum heat dissipation field pipeline release. In addition, the refrigerator cooling tube too much dust will also have an impact on electromagnetic radiation, dust, electromagnetic radiation, the greater the more.

Tips: refrigerators in the kitchen is not the regular place to stay as far as possible avoid working near it or storing food in the refrigerator; regular vacuuming the dust absorbs heat pipes.