Cleaning Method Of Range Hood

Only open the smoke cooker when cooking, and in boiling water, cooking the meal not open. The function of the hood is not only to remove cooking fumes, but also to eliminate gas pollution on the one hand is to each ignition, flameout the leakage of gas, on the other hand, gas in the combustion process produced by the exhaust gas).Range Hood 

In particular, liquefied petroleum gas, contains a variety of strong carcinogenic substances, more harmful than cooking oil fume health. Only pay attention to smoke, neglect to replenish fresh air. It is necessary to take into account the combination of the entire room ventilation, only fume and exhaust fan to replenish the fresh air, in order to maintain the gas has sufficient oxygen to maintain combustion.Range Hood

Often six months to clean the filter oil net. In the daily use of the case, every half month to 1 months should be cleaned the filter net, otherwise it will affect the effect of oil filtering. First of all to choose a high smoke rate. We know the kitchen lampblack to the human body's respiratory system will have the harm, has the data to show that, in our country because of the respiratory disease and death accounted for all kinds of causes of death first, soot-type fluorine poisoning, arsenic poisoning has become endemic in some areas of the population. The purpose of installing the range hoods is to take the lampblack in the cooking and reduce the indoor pollution, so we should choose the smoke-exhaust efficiency first when choosing the model.Range Hood

Second, choose the negative pressure. The greater the negative pressure of the hood, the stronger the smoking ability. As you mentioned, the current range of hoods in the market is divided into flat, half deep, deep and cabinet type, they are different due to the structure of the "negative pressure zone" is also different,Range Hood 

The negative pressure area of most of the deep range hoods is about 0.14 cubic meters, the smoke exhaust efficiency is about 60%, the negative pressure area of the cabinet-type range hood is about 0.32 cubic meters, the smoke exhaust efficiency is more than 95%. But because the cabinet type Lampblack machine uses the three sides closed form, therefore does not have the hanging style in the appearance to appear luxurious.Range Hood