Air Conditioning Range Hood Products Across Borders The United States Going To Do?

Kitchen appliances and other small appliances will become the point of midea group this year. Other kitchen appliances, professional "players", as an integrated group of household electrical appliance enterprises in the United States, are using cross-border technologies to seek better performance in kitchen appliances.

On January 20 group kitchen electric appliances Division was informed that in the United States, first quarter of 2016, the United States will launch air conditioning smoke cross-border products and steam wash the 3.0 version of the range hood.

Beautiful kitchen appliance business, started in the microwave oven. At present, the midea and galanz has become two of the world's largest microwave oven producer, holds 70% shares in the market at home and abroad. But in recent years, domestic microwave oven market to smooth, without a great deal of growth.