CSA Standard Stainless Steel Construction Kitchen Dishwasher 24 Inch

Product Details

24 inch Stainless Steel Construction Kitchen Dishwasher 



High quality 430 stainless steel structure


Large washing capacity can satisfty the home use


With energy saving class at A++


High level on wash performance


High efficient washing with maximum water comsuption of 13L for each washing


Low working noise at 52dB


With electronic control model and equipped with heated dry  heated dry, Hi-tem, Sanitize, Delay, Start/Cancel,Child lock function


Delay wash can be set from 1-24hs


Detergent and rinse aid friendly

Warranty :

One years spare parts replace service free of charge .

For customer service & support regarding our professional ranges, we use ADCO. ADCOhas been providing support services for premium appliance manufacturers since 1986. With over 3000 service centers located thought the United States, We can guarantee that your customers will not have a problem with servicing & maintaining their ranges. Below I have included their website so that you can have a better idea of the company.


ADCO Website http://www.adcoservice.com/aboutus.html

Factory profileļ¼š

Hyxion Metal Industry

Hyxion Metal Industry  is dedicated to give you pro-style kitchen appliances. We have a state of the art facility and first class technology to develop main stream kitchen appliances for North America. Our team of professional engineers are dedicated to giving everyone Affordable Luxury.

Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to have the kitchen of their dreams, professional style. We are here to make cooking less of a chore.