Kitchen basics

1, the Cabinet is composed of four parts: table, wall cabinets, base cabinets and electrical accessories;

2, wall cabinets and Cabinet mainly composed of panels and the Cabinet body is composed of two parts;

3, artificial stone became more and more families like the selection of countertops, artificial stone maintenance Note:

(1) continuous cooking time should not be too long, to no more than two hours is appropriate;

(2) prohibited high temperature cooking utensils (such as pressure cookers, pots) direct heat on the countertop to prevent local damage;

(3) do not put items placed on the table in a position for a long time, so as to avoid causing color difference of light.

4, all cabinets countertops, cutting boards are not directly do with, should be added the mat cutting board;

5, Crystal and of paint plates as having bright colors and easy cleaning features, well received by the family favorite, these doors when cleaning, disable a rigid object collision, friction door surface, prohibit the use of scratching hard to clean door panel and use of chemicals (thinner, ring ketone) detergents to avoid damaging the Board.